Our intervention steps

Each project is studied and realized according to a precise methodology, developed internally. Each aspect of the project is carefully analyzed to better meet the needs of our users.

Chiffre 1

Study of Opportunity

We analyze the target user to know the needs, habits, uses and thus offer solutions that meet the behavior of the final users.

Chiffre 2

Elaboration of the specifications

After validation of the objectives to be achieved, we prepare the stages and the planning of realization of the project: including the graphic design, the realization of the contents if required and the development of the final medium.

Chiffre 3

Development of the Alpha version

A first version is developed to check the validity of the specifications and to be able to refine the technical and technological needs, if necessary.

Chiffre 4

User Returns

The first User Returns are collected to verify the ergonomics and validate the UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience) requirements.

Chiffre 5

Development of the Beta version

Once the various returns have been collected, the Beta version is developed.

Chiffre 6

Final validation

At the end of this second phase of development, a final validation is then requested to verify the proper functioning and ergonomics of the solution.

Chiffre 7

Public launch

Once the last points are resolved, the official launch can then take place!


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