“Make wine culture easy
and friendly weather. “

During his thesis in Enology, Alexandre Bastard, co-founder of Vitavinum, realized that wine is still a difficult area for consumers around the world. Our promise: to make wine easier to understand, for everyone, everywhere and always! Initiated in 2014, we create smart solutions to make wine learning, wine selection and wine communication, as simple as a tasting.

Choosing wine becomes as easy as tasting it
Have you ever been lost for the 800 wine references from your supermarket?
Have you ever been lost to your own cellar, and wondered which wine will make your dinner a blast? ?
Have you ever been in the situation, in the situation, have you found it difficult to choose less than a bottle for your friend? 10 minutes?
Frustrating, yet these are very common situations. It’s over with Vitavinum! Our solutions will help you in a few seconds to find the wine that suits you perfectly !!


In less than 20 seconds,

YOUR perfect wine !


Simple tools, ergonomic, easy to use !

Wine communication becomes a breeze !

Speaking of wine, its history and its terroir, everything becomes so easy with VitaVinum tools.

We develop simple solutions accessible in terms of price and use.

Full pertinence, full experience, no difficulty !


Responsive solutions, available everywhere, for everyone, in every support.


The technology to make your life easier. And not the other way around!

Learning about your wine, at your step, acccording your needs.

You are looking for easy tools to learn about wine ? With our online solutions, it’s easy ! We  adapt to your goal, your time and your way of learning.


To facilitate access and to fit your availability.


We adapt to your level, your time, your needs.


Let’s meet up !

Interested in our solutions ? A project to develop ? Feel free to email us to discuss.


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